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Brand Story

SK Brands exist to explore flavor, creativity, and design. Our founder, Shennelleh Kaine a self-proclaimed creative has put our brand on a path of ongoing discovery, where creative avenues about how to improve people's lives keep sprouting. 

The story of our brands began in West Africa, where Shennelleh grew up in an environment creative cooking, arts, and crafts could be found on every corner, especially in her house. Everyone in the family is a great cook and an exquisite craftsman. 

Shennelleh grew fond especially of tea, spices, and herb, along with their ability to influence flavor and health. She’s also been a financial advisor for eight years where she developed her skills on how to properly handle one’s economics creatively. 

Today, SK Brands focuses on the well-being of people: Financial, Health, Lifestyle, and Faith. Our online store includes a wide variety of items that will delight your senses and improve your quality of life. 

Welcome to the complete package of care where you can get your financials settled, your taste buds spoiled, and your lifestyle enhanced.

Welcome to your new life!

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